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產品說明 :
型號 : 1068
Always-Clean Alcohol Gel

簡介 :
含有酒精成份消毒殺菌, 無需過水
Contain Alcohol and No Rinse.

1068 ALWAYS-CLEAN Alcohol Gel is specially formulated for keeping hands always clean as an adjunct to regular hand washing. It contains 75% alcohol which can effectively kill most of the bacteria and virus in just 15 seconds. Build-in vitamin E and moisturizer make it can be used repeatedly that it would not irritate to hands.

(如有查詢, 可直接至電本公司, 電話: 2367 8288)
( Should you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us Tel: 2367 8288)

包 裝 : 1 加侖(Gal)